Daily Smoky Eye Makeup How is It Made?

Smoky Eye Makeup Models

Smoky eye makeup, which is the most preferred make-up of nightlife and standard invitations, has a complex look. However, daily smoky eye makeup is not as difficult as it might seem. This type of make-up, which helps you look stylish everywhere, can be applied in a more professional way thanks to two important tips.

Smoky Eye Makeup

Going a step-by-step step before explaining how to do the make-up will make a better result. Let’s start!

Smoky Eye Makeup Step 1:

First of all, you need to make a headlight application. Headlight application should not be exaggerated and should be applied to the eyebrows. Ring finger should be used and soft touches should be done during the process.


Smoky eye make-up eyeshade must be applied to the eyelids. This process is essential to smokey eye makeup. This makes the makeup more permanent and has a more impressive appearance.

Smoky Eye Makeup Step 2:

In order to use smoky eye makeup on a daily basis, palettes must be used in natural tones. In this way, the colors go from light to dark and give the desired smoky effect. ” NYX Professional Makeup’s Ultimate Neutral Shadow Palette’s Warm Neutral is available.


After the application of the headlights in the cream-colored headlights are made. The cream shades are applied to the wing area of ​​the eye. In the wing area, the headlight is applied in light brown tones. This gives a natural look. The brush must be used with “forward and back” movements during this process.

Smoky Eye Makeup Step 3:

This step is very important. Eyelid should be applied to the upper part of the eyelids. The color to be used for the eyeliner is ” NYX Professional Makeup’s Bronze color from Jumbo Eye Pencils. .

For the eyes to look more prominent and attractive NYX Professional Makeup’s Glow headlight palette göz gold-colored headlights can be applied to the eyelids. This bright and reflective headlight helps make your eyes look more radiant. It should be accelerated.


During smoky eye makeup, the eyes can be cast under the eyes. You can use an ear cotton to clean spilled headlamps and easily clean the area.


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