Which is the Best Foundation for Skin?


The most important detail of a great makeup is from a correctly selected foundation. Not every foundation has the same look in every skin. Therefore, the individual needs to know his skin and find out which is the most suitable foundation for his skin. So, how to find the most suitable foundation for the skin? What are the details that need attention?

Foundation Proposal for Oily Skin

If you’re complaining about the constant flare of your skin, you can easily say that it has oily skin. Many people with oily skin like a make-up that looks natural and dull. For this reason, tercih NYX Professional Makeup Stay Matte But Not Flat “foundation may be preferred for oily skin. This foundation with its abundant minaret structure is an excellent concealer and provides a very lively look.

Foundation Proposal for Mixed Skin

Combination skin is the first among the skins in which the choice of foundation should be done correctly. Mixed skins make the desired makeup extremely easy, but the choice of foundation is of great importance. For this reason, Total NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Drop is the most appropriate foundation for mixed skin. This foundation, which provides a matt finish in velvet tones, completely closes the flaws and also provides a very natural look.

Foundation Proposal for Dry Skin

The biggest problem of dry skin is that it has a lifeless and pale appearance. For this reason, people with dry skin, makeup with the skin more vibrant and bright want to show. The choice of foundation is the only element that provides the desired makeup and appearance. The foundation for dry skin is Make NYX Professional Makeup High Definition Kuru. This foundation moisturizes the skin and thus eliminates lifeless appearance.


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