How To Make Impressive Eye Makeup Like Famous?


When we look at the make-up of celebrities in general, it can be said that an impressive, attractive and lively make-up. Celebrities such as Barbara Palvin, Blake Lively, Karlie Kloss, Luma Grothe and Natasha Poly are one step ahead of the other celebrities about the impressive eye makeup. So how do these celebrities have such impressive makeup and eyes?

Barbara Palvin- Blake Lively

Barbara Palvin stands out for her more than perfect make-up as well as her cat-look. In her makeup, she always keeps her eyes on the foreground. Palvin ini L tercihOreal Paris Eye Pencil 001 Back To Black göz is the preferred color for eye makeup. Blake Lively comes with a simple but extremely stylish eye makeup. Lively prefers ın L farOreal Paris Infailible Eye Paint 201 Vicious Gold ediy. In this way, we are fascinated by simple but bright eyes.

Karlie Kloss- Luma Grothe

Karlie, who generally comes up with a colorful and smoky eye makeup, makes a difference in every invitation. . L”Oreal Paris Brow Artist Maker olmak always prefers the eyebrow pencil to have these looks. Luma Grothe comes out of the ordinary with eye makeup every time. Luma, preferring an eye makeup consisting of voluminous and liquid eyeliner in general, prefers ey L edenOreal Paris Infailible Total Cover ey concealer palette. This pallet is known as one of the best products to eliminate defects.

Natasha Poly

Natasha, whose beauty is epic in her language, and envied by her make-up, conceal the details of her makeup in general. With her make-up which is a perfect fit with her face in front of us with makeup Natasha, wet eye makeup prefers to use. This make-up is made of metallic colors, always showing the eyelids vivid and radiant. She prefers Silver L”Oreal Paris Infailible Eye Paint 203 Iconic Silver. For her poly makeup. The secret of the perfect Natasha eye make-up is already in this product.


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