Fluffy Tips for Cracking Lips


One of the biggest problems of winter and spring months is the cracking lips. Already in the winter months, the weather is very dry and dry, wind and cold. This affects the lips and causes the lips to dry in a short time. Especially in dry skin lip dry in the winter months can be experienced more. So how are lips protected during winter and spring? How to prevent lip cracking?

Moisturizing Lips in Day

Lip balm should be used to remove lip dryness and keep the lip moist for a long time. The use of lip balm 2 or 3 times a day will prevent cracks and help you have a more lively lip structure. L Maybelline New York Baby Lips Balm Blush udak may be preferred for an effective image and good quality lip balm.

Getting Rid of Dead Skins Caused by Cracks

As a result of lip cracking, dead skins are formed on the lip and they cannot be removed from the lips by ordinary cleaning. Peeling is one of the methods that should be preferred in this regard. Peeling softens the lips and also helps remove dead skins. Tercih L ParisOreal Paris Sugar Peeling adına can be preferred to get rid of dead skins.

Mask Before Going to Sleep

The mask made before sleep at night in order to effectively prevent lip cracking makes a great contribution. The lip mask acts deeply on the lips at night and helps the lip to achieve a moist and soft structure. For this, the udak Kiehl”s Buttermask for Lips ’lip mask may be preferred.

Oil Your Own Lips for Lipstick

If you care about the use of lipstick during the day and the lipstick you use lipstick cracked, lipstick before lipstick should be lubricated. This can be called a pre-make-up preparation. Lipstick applied to the lips before the lipstick lipstick does not dry. It also gets a more vivid look. If you want to use an effective lip balm, you can choose Lip NYX Professional Makeup This is Everything Lip Oil. 10-20 minutes before the lipstick to drive this oil, then lipstick, lipstick due to lipstick helps.


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