Wedding Makeup Tips and Chiara Ferragni Wedding Makeup Tips


With the arrival of the spring, there are many weddings, but both brides and guests do not know much about wedding make-up. That’s why we have compiled wedding makeup tips for you on how wedding makeup should be made in our content and that Chiara Ferragni shared with us for the upcoming wedding.

Wedding Makeup on the Basis of Naturalness

When it comes to wedding makeup, it comes to mind, firstly, extravagant makeup, glowing headlights, and lipsticks shouting like I’m here. These false examples of make-up on weddings constantly circulate around. Chiara Ferragni and many makeup experts now argue that trend wedding makeup must be natural. The most basic characteristic of a natural wedding makeup is that it reveals a romantic and quite simple beauty.

Makeup Products for Wedding Makeup

If we want to get a natural wedding makeup, we have to prepare the foundation well. That’s why we can start with a nice moisturizer. Nem Lancome Prep & Hydrate Face Primer p is a great moisturizer to apply to the entire face. In order to preserve natural skin color with moisturizer, Ultra Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Cushion ini foundation should be preferred. It is up to you to choose the color of the foundation. You need to know your skin color well.

In the wedding makeup that we defend the naturalness, it is not possible to run away to nature and face various facial flaws. For this reason, gi Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage ou can be used as a concealer and suitable for your skin color. One of the most beautiful features of natural makeup is to use illuminators without limit. The ya Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Custom Highlihting Drops latıcı illuminator will provide a highly natural and radiant look.

Even though the wedding makeup is natural, it is absolutely impossible not to use a blush. Blush is known as one of the indispensable parts of natural wedding makeup. Therefore, ık Lancome Blush Subtil B powder blush is preferable. The choice of the tone of the blush is entirely up to the devotee.

If the Makeup is not Fixed, it Becomes More Natural!

wedding makeup

Due to the intense tempo, stress and hustle during the wedding, the make-up is very much damaged. A make-up that can withstand this intense pace is almost impossible without support. If no make-up stabilizer is used, the make-up can flow and is likely to deteriorate. This makes the makeup look a little too natural. For this reason, the make-up stabilizer dek Lancome Long Time No Shine Setting Powder “successfully protects the make-up until the end of the night.

Choosing the Right Lipstick and Eye Makeup for Natural Wedding Makeup

Products to be used for eye and lipstick from us, the color selection is from you. So you can use the colors you want on the eyes and lips. Our suggestion is to choose colors that are simple and natural. ”Lancome Hypnose Platte’ and “Lacome L” Drama Drama Matte“ can be used as a product. Thanks to these two products, you can easily have natural but impressive lips and eyes. While you get this natural and impressive look, your wedding makeup concept won’t lose anything of its own.


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